Usher record label

Usher – the renowned singing sensation launched his own record label named US Records in 2002. It serves as a very good platform for many upcoming singers, one of whom is the very famous Justin Bieber. The Usher Record Label marked its onset with the album “In the mix” in the year 2005. He has also shaken hands with Justin Bieber to form the Raymond Braun Media Group. Talks are also that presently he also owns another record label under his name known as LaFace Records. Besides, he is also signed to the RCA Records.

Usher is believed to be oneof the best performers in the recent times. He has been consistent through his performances in all these years. He is a perfectionist in his field of work and believes that, in order to achieve success the path is more important than thedestination. He is loved not only because of his amazing vocal skills but also due to his foot-tapping dancing steps. He has a great fan following and is mainly craved by women followers all over the world. The Usher Record Label is likely to reach Wuthering heights in the near future.

G.o.o.d. music record label

G.o.o.d. music record label, an acronym for Getting Out Our Dreams, is music record label founded by an American rapper Kanye Omari West commonly known just as Kanye West. Based in New York City or The Big Apple as it is fondly referred, G.o.o.d music record label specializes in the Rhythm and Blues (R&B) and Hip Hop genres of music and was inceptualised in the year 2004

In the same year it was formed, the record label managed to produce and release the debut album for the musician John Legend, Get Lifted, which was later certified double platinum by Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Lonnie Rashid Lynn who uses the stage name Common, also signed up with the record label and later released the album ‘Be’ in May 2005.

Other artists who have signed up with the record label are Consequence, Malik Yusef, Kid Cudi, Mr. Hudson, Big Sean, Pusha T, D’Banj and Q-tip. The latest sign up is Teyana Taylor and Travis Scott who joined in the year 2012

The music label boasts a selection of top cream producers the main being the founder, Kanye West. Other are Byron Thomas (Mannie Fresh), Devon Harris (Devo Springsteen), Keith Moore (Keezo Kane), Kamaal Ibn John Fareed (The Abstract) Dion Wilson (No.ID), Chauncey Hollis (Hit-Boy) and Michael Collins Ajereh (Don Jazzy). The Abstract, other than being a producer, he is also signed up to the record label and uses the stage name Q-tip.

latest release by the record label is a compilation album called Cruel Summer. It was officially released on September the 14th, 2012. The compilation album features the label’s artists and is produced in collaboration with Def Jam Records. It debut at No.2 on the Billboard 200 and it has twelve tracks, four of which have charted on The US Billboard Hot 100, they are; Cold, Mercy Clique and New God Flow.

Record labels accepting demos

Needless to say, record label companies play a major role in instilling quality and creating identity of your music. As an upcoming artist majoring in genres like Country Music, Pop Music, Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, Blues and RnB, seeking a good recording label company is one of the inevitable steps that you have to deal with before producing a given track. A friend may help you do the production bit but the identity of your tracks should not be put at stake. For that reason, record labels accepting demos should be your best solace point if you want to produce highly impressive music that blends perfectly well with your fantastic lyrical flow and nice vocals.

The list below shortlists the most reputable record labels accepting demos that have been proved over time to produce high quality music that also act as a major stepping stone for new artist at all times:Tanzan Music Records- This record label specializes in pop, blues and rock music. Red Vinyl Records – This is one of the few recording labels that dedicate their resources towards unleashing and nurturing fresh talent from all music genres.Epitaph Records – This is a Los Angeles based company that has a good reputation in rock and pop music production.Hard Rock Records – This is another record label company that is taking the world of music by storm. In addition to their high acceptance of demos, Hard Rock Records gives upcoming artist bands a cool welcome through 1year serious support.Stush Records – Stush is a Canadian based record label that accepts Hip Hop, Trance and other similar club music.

In addition to proper assessment of the record label that you want to partner with, you should ensure that you have a specific person to work with. This makes it easy to make follow-ups and at least you will have someone to contact in times of need. Additionally, the person will always be feeling the responsibility at hand which acts well to your advantage.

List of independent record labels

Record labels that operate without the funding of any of the major record label or outside organizations, are known as indie record labels or independent record label. Due to disputes over rights as well as distribution of earnings between artists and major record labels, independent labels were able to mushroom to sort out this problem. As opposed to the major labels that aim at hitting the jackpot via enormous sales of records, the independent labels are more concerned with producing the best for a small but devoted fan base thus providing its artists room for experimentation and artistic freedom. This article will look at a list of independent record labels that continue to release reputable material for music lovers.

#1Toolroom Records
Started in the UK by DJ Mark Knight, this music label has never failed in the production of non-stop quality house music. It has now been in operation for over eight years and its continued focus on this genre of music has enabled them gain international recognition. DJ DeadMau5 is one of the gems this label is proud to be associated with.

#2Stones Throw Records
This record label dates back to 1996 and was created with the aim of producing and distributing Chris Manak’s music. Three years before, Chris had recorded some tracks with Charizma, a fellow artist and best friend and felt it was time to release it to the masses. Today, this hip-hop label has over 44 artists under its name. Its success is more attributed to Manak’s influence is the selection and approval of the music they represent. Manak, being the executive producer, picks what he likes and has the final say on all music matters. With artists like Mayer Hawthorne and Aloe Blacc, this label has managed to keep that old school vibe alive.

#3Easy Star Records
This could possibly be one of the unstoppable forces in reggae music production. They pride in having produced 3 best-selling reggae albums of the decade. Additionally, they have a collection of talent filled artists who never seem to tire of producing some really nice reggae music. Some of the artists associated with Easy Star include; Cas Haley, John Brown’s Body and The Black Seeds.

Christmas songs playlist

Christmas time is approaching fast, and you cannot help but feel its spirit in the air. This is that time of the year when you want to hear those Christmas songs that take you back to those childhood memories, when you were willing for the time to open your presents to arrive. That is the reason why we have compiled this Christmas songs playlist, with all the hits and also some of the less-often heard Christmas carols, this way you will not miss one single musical hit from your favorite time of the year.

Share these songs with your kids, your friends and family, tell them how much you love these songs and why, do not forget to tell that special episode of your childhood when you were listening to that specific song – everyone has one. Gather everyone around the tree and sing along to the best Christmas tunes of all time. It does not matter if you are more into traditional tunes or pop hits, this list has everything you are looking for, from the traditional Christmas Carols to some of the most famous Christmas pop songs ever. Even if you are looking for a special jingle from your childhood we assure you it is all in this very complete list.

Search through the list, listen to the songs you love and make a playlist to play on your iPod or in your car, that way you have the Christmas spirit and all of its melodies always with you. We took the time to search the best jingles ever to compile this list, so that you can have a full liberty of choice and enjoy comparing your favorites and choose the one you prefer. Enjoy this playlist and enjoy your songs, and lets admit, these songs will never get old.

Music promotion companies

Many of the musicians always want to be articulated to the brand that sells them as artists. Thus they value so much the company that goes out to sell their brand name. It is actually not easy to find good music promotion companies in the market, and it is thus important to critically evaluate a few established before getting into any serious business.

are various music promotion companies found online and give good returns for those who sign contracts with them.730 is actually one of them, it gives an unbeatable range of offers to any musician who contracts with them. They are able to cater for both the underground and established musicians both at the grass route levels and also in the limelight. They have a competitive advantage over other recording studios as they are able to work with the budget relayed by any musician. They also assist in ensuring that the video done with them by any muscian gets a lot of views, they are also able to make the musicians online image through different social media platforms such as twitter, face book and MySpace. They have also got a well established staff that is able to project the carrier of an individual and have a wide link with other esteemed enterprises

Urban hit promotion is known to have taken over a wide range of other promoting companies through opening up opportunities for free promotion. The company has got a good reputation especially with the musicians who have worked with them. They also produce nothing but the best for the musicians who alias with the company. It is also one of the companies that is renowned to have natured some of the upcoming musicians. It has developed most of its domain in USA and has got tens of thousands of followers on their network.

Record Labels Looking For Rappers

The rap music industry is very competitive with new rappers being identified every day. Record labels looking for rappers will rarely advertise this information to the general public. In most cases the record labels will send out their talent scouts to search for the next big stars in the rapping industry. Fresh talent is always appreciated in this industry and this is why labels will always have their ears on the ground for the rapper with the best punch lines.

Talent scouts look for talented young rappers in some of the most unconventional places. Nie times out of ten, the rappers are not even aware that they are being observed by the talent scout. Freestyle rap street battles are a favourite hunting ground for talent scouts. There is bound to be at least one or two of them in each of these freestyle rap events.

Upcoming rappers should however not believe everything they are told by representatives of a label. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. There is only so much that a label can do for a rapper. Some labels are notorious for promising rappers heaven and taking them straight to hell after they have signed the contract. Rappers need to ensure that they read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract before appending their signatures.

Under normal circumstances, there is always more than one record label looking for new rappers at a particular time. Rappers should therefore take their time to compare the packages on offer from the different labels. It goes without saying that a rapper should settle for the label which offers the best deal. The relationship between a rapper and his or her label is symbiotic in nature. For this reason, it is as much the duty of the label to look for artists as it is for the artist to look for a label.

Online recording studio

Finding professional recording services is very crucial for an aspiring recording artist. And that is not all, recording services can be expensive and any struggling artist may not have the luxury to have it. This is why an online recording studio becomes the best option to make professional standard recordings but without the hefty rates. The technology used for recording and editing are top- of- the- line so your talent is not compromised. It offers lower rates for every session and processing the finished material for editing and production is much faster and cheaper.

By recording your material online, you get to benefit from its simplicity. Aside from paying less than having to record in an actual studio, an online recording studio works just like a regular studio. The only difference is that you only need a PC with a good quality mic plus a reliable internet connection to start recording. The softwares being used during the recording process ensures that you get a high quality output that you can be proud of. It may sound too simple but it is really this easy to take a big step in achieving your dreams. You can then decide to have your output produced so you can start looking for a record label to listen to it and eventually consider taking you under its wings. You never have to wait for long to do this and finally work your way up in the music industry.
Why should you travel far and pay too much for every recording session when you can do it in your home? Because of this convenience, you are able to reduce your effort and costs so you can work more on your material. You can focus on developing your talent and start showcasing it without thinking of getting broke in the process.

Independent hip hop record labels

Thousands of rap artists around the world right now are searching for independent hip hop record labels that will sign them and hopefully mold them into the next big superstars within the industry. These companies are known for being willing to sign fairly unknown artists and musicians bcause they are still fairly unknown themselves. What steps need to be taken by interested artists that want to be discovered by these companies?

Have a Quality Demo CD Ready to Go

Many artists make the mistake of waiting for the opportunity to impress a label to come around before they complete their demo CD. That big mistake ends up costing most of them to miss their one chance at fame which will probably never come around again. Preparing and completing a quality demo CD now is very important, because they have to be ready to be passed over to A&R executives and other representatives of the labels when those opportunities present themselves.

Use the Internet to Search for Labels

The digital age of the worldwide web has made it very easy to find these companies that are looking for talent with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. An abundance of these companies can be quickly found just through using popular search engines, such as Google. Most of them are going to require interested artists to have an online website that features some of their music digitally or request that they mail in their demo CDs for further review.

People can also use the internet to have independent hip hop record labels search for and find them instead. Posting music and videos online through such websites as YouTube, Facebook and MySpace can truly help unknown artists become quickly known by millions of people around the world. Once they have started to build a fan base out of the people that follow or subscribe to their pages and listen to their music, it is only a matter of time before an A&R executive or label representative finds them and offers them the opportunity of their dreams.

Metal record labels

The music industry has many different genres, each genre is often represented by a few big record labels and a lot of smaller independent ones. This article will feature some of the top Metal record labels, Road Runner Records, Metal Blade Records and Prosthetic Records

Road Runner Records
One of the bigger Metal record labels is Road Runner Records, this label hosts some of the biggest names in the Metal genre and often release special albums or events combining many different bands from the label into teams which make super bands to perform songs with a combination of artists you will not find anywhere else. Some of the bands featured on this label include, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Lynyrd Skynyrd and numerous other top level artists in the metal Genre

Metal Blade Records
Metal Blade Records has been around a long time, being established in 1982. They have seen some of the biggest Metal bands in their stable such as Slayer and currently feature some of the new popular bands such as GWAR, Cannibal Corpse and As I Lay Dying.
Prosthetic Records

Prosthetic Records is a little smaller than Road Runner Records and Metal Blade Records, but has had some big name bands in recent times pass through it such as The Acacia Strain, Gojira and All That Remains.

There are many more record labels in the metal genre, it’s a great genre of music to follow and has recently seen an increase in followers with fresh new bands coming through as well as the old staples of the metal scene still touring. There are many festivals around the world featuring the top talent from these labels such as Soundwave Festival in Australia which will host many of the top names in the Metal genre early next year. With the success of these festivals rising there is no doubt we will see more talent coming through the ranks in the years to come to cater for the thirst of Metal music.

Instrumental music online

Are you the ardent fan of instrumental music? Do you know that buying your favorite instrumental music online is now the best option? When you go shopping for music online, you are exposed to comprehensive collections from all over the world. Great beats, rap instrumentals and hip hops are sold at exceedingly affordable prices on various online music libraries.

Immediately after buying your non-exclusive instrumental music online, you will access, download and print the written licensing agreement which will accord you the freedom to mix-tape, demo, or album. The terms and conditions will usually be clear and more details can be e-mailed according to the inquiries by the customer.

The process of buying music online is quite simple and fast. Most online instrumental music selling sites will usually offer a “buy now” option just next to the music you want to buy. Once you click this option, a verification page will appear. Through this window, you can verify the details of your music order before proceeding to payment.

The commonest payment method for online music purchases is PayPal. Therefore, the PayPal button will usually be provided. Once you click the PayPal button, you will be redirected to your PayPal account for payment. The payment can be made through the PayPal account or through MasterCard, American Express Card, or Visa. An instant email together with a link to the download page will be sent to you and you can rest assured that you have purchased your favorite song.
Often, the email may go to your spam/bulk mail box and you really need to check your mail in these boxes just to be sure that you have got it. Follow the “Click Here” link to download your license and get all the instructions on the page. Shop for all your instrumental music needs online and access the largest collection of music at affordable rates.

Country record labels

As an artist, producing a hit song is always an all-time desire whether you are a freshman in the industry or one of the upcoming country music artists. However, getting country record labels that will effectively boost your music may not be an easy task without doing ample research on the viability of your potential record label client.

One of the ways that you can use to get the best country record labels is to compare their performance over the last few years from various sites. Some of the country record labels used to be great country music producers a couple of years ago but the quality of their music production has recently been on the decline. In addition, some of them keep changing their names which have negative impact on your music and its identity. Even though you may be having excellent guitar pick skills and a voice with the true feel of country music, the instability of such record labels will eventually bring you down.

Some of the most reliable record labels include Warner Bros, Sony, Arista, Nashville, Night Flight and OMS records among others. You can also find other smaller record labels yet very reliable for individual artists who may not have the monetary power to hire the likes of Nashville for their country music production. Gladly, there are a number of clients who are willing to help upcoming artists in finding such record label partners. The clients have a wide network of reliable record label companies who can offer their services at a cost effective rate. In addition, such record labels will also boost your music especially if you are overly talented on the guitar and you have awesome flow in lyrics. After you get their strong foundation, you will be sure to reach to the peak of your dreams within a very short time. The clients also help existing country music artists to advance to the next level in music industry using the same record label networks.

Dubstep Record Labels

For starters, dubstep is electro house, nor is it anywhere near rave parties, techno or any kind of pop music. This is music genre started in early ninety’s but it is mostly in underground existence today. Considering the nature and the audience of this music, there aren’t many record labels out there willing to support an artist. But all is not lost if you are an aspiring dubstep artist. This article will give you a list of some of the most reputable dubstep record labels.

This label has not only been involved in the development of dubstep but it is also closely linked with seminal club night FWD. As a result, it prides itself in being on the front line for the development of Dubstep Allstars compilation series as well as the 12″s albums. Skema is one artist whose albums have been produced through Tempa.

#2Planet Mu
Originally started by Mike Paradina, this label was closely linked to the breakcore’s manic post-rave spasms. Additionally, it was the first label to openly declare its affiliation with the nascent dubstep movement. This is one of the dubstep record labels that has had an influence over a collection of UK producers through its use of the 8o8-heavy sonic signature in 2010. It has made releases for Bristol lynchpin, Vex’d, Ikonika, Gemmy and Kuedo among others.


Pinch’s album Underwater Dancehall carves its roots from this label. Tectonic are well known for its quest to provide purist dubstep; that is meditative, thick and encompassing. It is supportive of new inventions and developments of the sound and styles like the rattling percussion from Jack Sparrow and Joker’s crunked out styles have featured in this label.

It was founded in 2004 by Steve Goodman aka Kode9. Artists under this label include Burial, Pressure and the label owner Kode9. This label is so good that even journalist Martin Clark, in his Pitchfork Media round up, named it his favourite dubstep label of the year 2007.

Listen to christmas songs

This is probably the best time to listen to Christmas songs. With the festive season just around the corner, these songs will soon be blasting in every corner of town. These songs are bound to put the listener into the festive mood.

Christmas songs are not only the traditional carols of the past. There are many modern songs made specifically for the festive season. Come Christmas, these songs will be the norm. So why not listen to them and even get to know some of the latest ones in preparation for the festive season?

The internet has made it possible for individuals to listen to these songs online. Getting the latest song could be as easy as browsing the web. There are also a number of Christian radio stations that play the songs once in a while. The frequency of play for these songs is obviously bond to increase as the big day draws closer. Take some time today and listen to one or two of these songs.

The importance of Record label business plan

Like any other business that wishes to thrive amidst stiff competition, recording companies need to have business plan written. Being rather a very competitive business environment, having a record label business plan makes the difference between surviving or thriving of that particular company. This plan is in no way different to other forms of business plans for companies in other industry. They are similar only that with record label companies, more emphasis is placed on issues regarding music licenses and royalties accrued from it.

There are numerous benefits associated with having a business plan. First, the business plan provides a skeleton of how the recording company should operate. With this the owners of the enterprise will be able to know where they are headed, the type of marketing strategy to use and amount of resources the business may require. Though a recording company can begin its operations without a business plan, for it to expand effectively it will require one to do so.

Marketing is key to generating more sales. Music recording is a business that heavily depends on the marketing strategies used. There are many existing strategies which can be marketing a particular product. Not all of these strategies work best with recording business. As such with a business plan, a recording company is able to identify the exact appropriate types of marketing media and strategies that they will use in ensuring that the music produced sales.

Music label business is a costly venture. For one to start a recording company, they must be prepared to encounter various costs on the way. During the formulation of record label business plan, the founders of the company are able to brainstorm on the various cost estimates that they are likely to incur in the expedition. This ease the headache that is associated with encountering unexpected expenditures which at time may lead to collapse of the record label company.

Punjabi songs download

Whether you are looking for soul searching song to unwind your mind, or some foot rhythm dance, Punjabi songs download has them all. In fact, Punjabi songs have a charm that not many of the other types of music can match. The Punjabi music business is known for the Bhangra music, a type of lively music and dance that enjoys a huge popularity worldwide. Bhangra music started as a harvest festival, but soon turned to a ordinary feature on other types of celebrations such as New Year and wedding celebrations. Punjabi songs are not only popular due to their traditional form, but also the fusion of music genres it combines.

Exercising songs unifies kids. Paying attention to songs designed by another enhances interaction capability. To have your own composition observed by others increases your self esteem. Punjabi music is one such genre which combines all kinds of loving, bashing and romantic pieces and for those who are special for loving such combinations, the new Punjabi songs can now be downloaded from different websites online. You can also get lots of new Punjabi remixes free and download them for your ringtones.

If you have no idea of what Punjabi songs are all about, then you need to watch a few Punjabi song videos. This way, you will understand how entertaining they are. It is all about the free flow of fun. In addition, the quality of music is very good, one reason why most people have developed special liking for this type of music. In the US, Punjabi singers are invited round the year to perform in various events, from New Year to Diwali. Bollywood has done significant job in the Punjabi music industry. These types of music are produced with talent and hard work of different people making Punjabi songs a world-class music category. Sounds too sweet to be true, read reviews about Punjabi songs download or download them for yourself.

Beethoven 5th symphony sheet music

Beethoven 5th symphony sheet music is one of the most majestic and famous works of classical music ever. Each time it is played, it never ceases to haunt us in a poetic and enlightened way. Just by paying attention to the first four notes of the composition, we can feel the emanation of its power and brilliance, not to mention that these four notes are very well-known and recognized worldwide.

The symphony was composed on the beginnings of the nineteenth century, between 1804 and 1808, the year in which it was presented to the king and people in Vienna Theater, in a concert that lasted more than four hours. This composition is considered an extension of Symphony number 3, Eroica, because it expresses the same feeling and the same form of expression. Beethoven was early nominated by the king as the composer of the palace. Unlike what often happened to the artists of the time, who invariably could only achieve recognition after their death, Beethoven’s 5th symphony sheet music achieved high levels of recognition and fame reaching meritorious critics not long after the presentation of his work. E.T.A. Hoffman, famous composer and critic of the nineteenth century, considered the work as one of the most important compositions of the time. Nevertheless the presentation did not go very well due to cold weather and the extension of the concert.

A typical performance of the composition usually lasts around 30 minutes and it is divided into four movements. These four movements constitute the particularity of orchestral homogeneity, and, at the same time, an example of alternation. The first movement, Allegro con Brio, reveals great tension, tension that is denounced by the chords and that elevates to a dramatic extreme. The second movement, Andante con Moto, reveals ceremony, a funeral march which stands by its beauty and emotion. The third movement, Scherzo, Allegro is compounded by a twitching. The fourth and last movement, Allegro, is magnificence.

Grease the play

First performed in 1971, Grease the play was and still is very popular Musical. It is representing a youth subculture called the “greasers” which was very famous back in sixties. The main stage theme is a high school teenagers, which was very popular theme back in sixties and seventies in America, it shows American teenagers and their struggle while they go through school, drive in cinemas, American cars and entire culture of that period.

Grease the play had a lot of the productions which included the first one in Chicago back in 1978, the Broadway 1972, West End 1973 and many others after which followed big screen debut, Grease ( the Movie ) which was a real hit in 1978 with star actors like John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, directed by Randal K. and produced by Paramount Pictures. The fact that this movie was so popular, there was entire culture of teenagers wearing the same outfit as the John Travolta and the rest of the “Grease theme”.

Grease the play had its revival after the movie release in West End 1993 and, amazingly enough, it regained its popularity again and year later had a revival on the biggest of all, Broadway. After Broadway revival it had its National tour across United States and it was time for a break again. The place of another revival was, once again, West End in 2001 which led to a International Tour. The most popularity on the International stage was in Japan where youngsters adopted the “greasers” style and took it to their streets. It never lost its power and even now on the streets of Tokyo and other Japanese cities you can find Travolta’s look alikes.

Seems like the Grease the play will never go out of trend, and its easy to believe that the “Greasers” are always bringing back the sixties style everywhere they go and the Broadway and West End will always have their stage open for Grease the play.

Contemporary Christian Music

The Christmas season is a time of joy and making merry. It is a time when families come together and enjoy each other’s company while reflecting on the events of the year that is coming to an end. Contemporary Christmas music can make the festive season all the more lively. The modern music made for the festive season is very enjoyable to persons of all different ages.

Contemporary Christian music uses funky beats that are bound to tempt one into dancing a little. Gone are the days when Christmas music had to be slow and sluggish. The message that the music carries is still the same but the tempo of the contemporary music has been taken up a notch higher.
Modern Christmas songs are available in nearly all genres of music. Rock Christmas tunes are especially common in the contemporary world. There are songs in other genres such as reggae and even rhythm and blues. This goes to show just how far Christmas music has come. For a long time in the past, Christmas carols were considered the only acceptable songs for the festive season.

An interesting feature about this contemporary festive season music is the incorporation of the all time classics such as Christmas carols. Many artists have come up with their own renditions of Christmas carols sang to the tune of contemporary beats. They use the exact words in the carols. The only changes they make are the tune of the song and the beats.

The Contemporary Christian music are even played in a number of churches in the world today. This shows that they have been accepted to a large extent. There are churches however, which do not accept these songs on the grounds that the songs are made to conform to world trends which should not be the case. All in all, listening to contemporary Christmas music can be quite enjoyable.

Rap record labels

RAP music, otherwise known as Hip-Hop music, is a genre of music that consists of music with stylized rhythms which is accompanied by rhythmic as well as rhyming flow of words usually referred to as rapping. There are a lot of rap music labels but some of the most common ones are the following:
Atlanta Records

Atlanta record is a rap music label that has various rap record labels under it. They include Grand Hustle records, Big Oomp records Block Entertainment and Collinpark music. All these are record labels working under the umbrella of Atlanta records.

Young Money Entertainment
This is a RAP record label that was founded by Lil Wayne, a Young Money Entertainment rapper. Its president is Mack Maine. This record label is associated with another RAP label called Cash Money Records and its parent label is the Universal Republic Records. Some of the most prominent Young Money Entertainment artists apart from Lil Wayne and Mack Maine include Drake, Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Jae Millz. This label has seen a lot of success by releasing seven albums that were number one on the chart.

Maybach Music Group
The founder of this RAP music label is rapper Rick Ross. It is a record label imprint that is as of right now under the distribution of Warner Bros Records. Before Warner Bros, Maybach Music Group was distributed by Def Jam Recordings. It came into prominence in 2009 when Rick Ross, its founder, released his third studio album called Deeper than Rap. After that, Rick Ross concentrated on signing other rappers to join Maybach Music Group. Some of the people he signed are Masspike Miles and a hip hop group called Triple C.

Bad Boy Records
This record label was founded by rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs in 1993. Currently, the label operates under the Universal Music Group, and its distributor is Interscope Records.
There are many other RAP music labels. These are just but a few.